Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Putting Something Back

It really hurts typing this week’s blog. Fingers, arms, neck, back, legs. In fact everything hurts. Why?.....because I just did my bit to get a bit more physically active and more involved in the sports side of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Recently, I volunteered to be part of a team of businesses in a fantastic corporate sports challenge in East London. A range of businesses, big and small rocked up to a take part in this fantastic charity event …………………..& boy, am I suffering!

You might be able to tell from the many chins you can see on my photo, I’m probably not used to doing this kind of thing. (I get exhausted running round my lounge looking for the remote for the TV), but this was something a bit different and a great opportunity to get some of the businesses I work with involved in something other than making money.

As well as the positive economic benefits, there’s also the health benefit of keeping staff less deskbound and more active and this two-pronged approach went some way in showing how businesses can help meet some of the legacy objectives for the 2012 Games on a local level. On top of all this, this event was a great fundraiser for charity and we raised quite a sum from entry fees and donations.

Persuading businesses to invest in anything at the moment is a real challenge during these difficult times, but those that do invest time and effort in putting something back into the communities they work in, get back a real sense of both corporate responsibility and corporate opportunity.

Overall, it was a great event for everyone to get involved in, but as the anti-inflammatorys start to wear off, I really must go and sit in a hot tub and contemplate my next great sporting achievement!

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