Water cooler talk is great; for catching up on gossip; for checking out the latest outfits; for spreading the word about the coolest party to go to on Saturday but how does that earn you money or build relationships and networks that will pay your wages?

Quite frankly it won’t!

Getting out into the field, meeting clients, customers and staff will though so how do you persuade your boss to let you out more? Loitering in Starbucks, Costa and Prêt is really starting to upset those boys especially when you buy only one coffee and a raisin swirl and stay there for four hours.

But renting a professional hot desk, a day-office, a meeting room or co-working spaces nearer your clients will make you more productive….and you’ll probably get free coffee (not sure about the swirly raisin things though).

You’ll stop traipsing into your glass tower on Canary Wharf or schlepping everyone into the City just for a meeting or to pick-up emails, post and gossip and actually be where your people want you…..with them!

Where do you go though? Yep, there’s the big global serviced office brands but if you want real choice, try your local independent enterprise centre, business hub and flexible workspaces. Professional receptionists, cool buildings, that welcoming hotelly-kinda-feeling is more often than not, a welcome change for everyone.

These buildings are flexible in the way you work with them and they don’t cost a fortune and when they do their numbers, your CEO and CFO’s will see they’ll save tons of money off the FM budget and those ridiculous NNDR bills by downsizing from the big and often empty corporate HQ meeting spaces and getting business done where it really matters…..out in the field with the suppliers, customer and local colleagues.

And if you really want to make a difference, how about investing in a block of local phone numbers, getting calls answered in your company name 24/7/365 and without the huge overhead of a bank of secretaries, admin support bod salaries or call centres.

Tie in your Enterprise Centre rental options with a bespoke virtual reception service and BOOOM! an explosive change to the dynamics of your business OVERNIGHT!
 And of course all this saves time on travel, is very “Green” and in a way, gives your businesses more “branch” offices to work out of……See, told you. You CAN save money by opening more offices!